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JOBSECURA HR CONSULTANT offers a wide basket of products. In the last 10 years we were able to carve a niche for ourselves in the market. We have been fortunate enough to associate with many of the reputed organizations in the market- MILMA , BHIMA JWELLERY , MATHRUBHUMI PUBLICATIONS, UAE EXCHANGE , ADHAR GOLD, C.A ASSOCIATION, LIC, GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGES to name a few. Our team has high academic credentials coupled with industry experience. The products we offer are:


Jim Collins in his seminal book “ Good To Great” talk about the RIGHT PERSON IN THE BUS. The main concern of every organization is to ensure that they have the right person at the right place. We at JOBSECURA HR CONSULTANTS helps you in identifying the right person. Our rich data bank enable the organizations to choose the resource of their requirement.


Every organization need proper structuring. Without proper structuring the process and system will face lot of bottle necks. At JOBSECURA HR CONSULTANTS you have experts who can help you in designing the best structure for your organization based on your VISION, MISSION AND OBJECTIVES. A properly structured organization will enable seamless flow of communication, processes and systems. Only such an organization can grow in the right direction which the management has envisaged.


In the VUCA world everything is uncertain. The main challenge faced by every enterprise is to make employees adaptable to the unexpected and unprecedented changes happening all around. JOBSECURA has an extensive and successful training wing with years of experience. We have a rich clientele cutting across various industries and market segments. Our training focuses on a variety of subjects- SKILL DEVEOPMENT, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, MOTIVATION,TEAM BUILDING, SALES AND MARKETING, BUSINESS STRATEGIES, OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE, GOAL SETTING and much more. We can design tailor made training sessions once we understand the requirement of the organization.


Every management is worried about the sustainability of their business. Starting an organization has become relatively easy. There are many tools available in the market to run it as well. However, the sustainability of the business for a larger period is of major concern to all. Sustainability need deeper engagements. It needs a thorough study about the strengths of the organization, its potential and also the threats it is facing. This study should be analysed with the future trends which are emerging in the market. Such studies can reveal amazing possibilities and potentials for future growth. The knowledge and experience of JOBSECURA HR CONSULTANTS can help you in looking into the future and expanding your present business to a much larger trajectory.


The whole world is looking towards India because of its enviable young resource. However, our education system does not help in bringing out the best out of this young generation. They need additional guidance and training to face the complexities of the corporate world. Our CAMPUS TO CORPORATE program is designed especially to cater to this demand. Our focus is on identifying the talents from the campus and equip them with the right tools to face the challenges better. This is immensely helping many talents to get over the hurdles of Interview , Group Discussions and other obstacles they face during the selection process.